with MamaBear app you’ll always …

MamaBear Location Services

Know where they are

Locate your family. Tame some of your anxiety and let your kids stretch their boundaries. With the MamaBear Family Map you’ll always know where everyone is, where they’ve been and you can set up alerts for location activity. Be alerted when they arrive or leave places like home, school or after school activities.

  • MamaBear Social Media Monitoring
  • MamaBear Social Media Monitoring
  • MamaBear Social Media Monitoring

Know what’s on their social media

Save time and let MamaBear put your kid’s social media presence in the palm of your hands.  With MamaBear you can monitor Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook activity.  Know when they have new tags, check-ins, or upload photos. Be aware when inappropriate language or indication of bullying are posted to their profiles by building your restricted words list.

MamaBear Speeding Alerts

Know when they’re speeding

Use MamaBear to alert you when your child is driving – or riding – faster than a speed you program. It’s the information you need to have a conversation about safe speed driving at just the right time.