MamaBear Supports Safer Internet Day!

Be the change: Unite for a better internet #SID2017

Keeping the internet safe and making the world a better place using internet technology is an ongoing effort and a responsibility shared by all users. Safer Internet Day is an opportunity to “Be the change: Unite for a better internet!”

MamaBear is proud to support Safer Internet Day 2017, and we would like to share their key messages for the Safer Internet Day 2017 campaign with you. Please check out this worldwide effort and join the celebration on February 7th, 2017. A LIVE Webinar will be held and you are invited!
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Zach Marks Launches New Web Series

Zach Marks New Original Web Series

Watch the new “My Grom Life” web series produced by Grom Social creator Zach Marks on and MyGromLife YouTube channel beginning January 17th!

Zach Marks was eleven years old when he first got the idea to create a totally unique, safe social networking site “By Kids For Kids”. At age twelve, Zach launched with the help of family and friends. The new website was met with an overwhelming worldwide response. Today, Grom Social is a thriving global business, and at sixteen, Zach invites you to take an intimate look into his life journey as chronicled in the new web series, “My Grom Life.”

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Trick or Track Your Teen on Halloween

What is your family’s solution for keeping track of your children during this fun Halloween holiday?

Fall is in the air. Everything from lattes and candles to church yards has turned into a pumpkin. It’s time to plan for your Halloween parties, costumes, and trick-or-treat routes. Activities will vary based upon the age of your child. For those of you with teenagers, it’s the time of year where they are between childhood and adulthood. Are they trick-or-treating or attending a Halloween party?

Regardless of which activity they choose, parents are not always with their children. Teens especially will want to be with a group of friends. This may leave parents wondering is their child safe and are they located where they are supposed to be. Do you Trick or Track?


Although mostly a ton of fun, Halloween can pose dangers for teenagers. This is the time of year when teens start attending parties. They are likely to be exposed to alcohol, drugs, and sexual behavior. Underage drinking is very common among teenagers. According to SADD, nearly three quarters of high school students will consume alcohol by the time they finish their senior year. Being on the road is also a hazardous place to be during Halloween. “In 2015, over half (52%) of all highway fatalities across the nation occurred on Halloween night between 6 p.m. Oct. 31 to 5:59 a.m. Nov. 1 and involved a driver or a motorcycle rider with a BAC of .08 or higher (Traffic Safety” Knowing these statistics, it’s hard to let your teenager go off by themselves.


Luckily, there is a solution to help your family. With a location services application like the MamaBear App, you can give your teen the freedom they need, and have the peace of mind you deserve. The MamaBear app gives parents the ability to set up places so they will know when their child arrives or leaves a location. The app also allows you to watch photo uploads on your child’s Instagram and other social media platforms. Be sure to turn on your location sharing to offer your child the security of nearby response time.

Talk to your teen about Halloween safety. To feel good about giving the MamaBear treat of independence, there isn’t any need to trick your teen. Encourage them to share photos and communicate with you via MamaBear to get them comfortable using the app. Make it fun!


ABOUT: The MamaBear App is a leading-edge, mobile, all-in one parenting app that creates a private family communication hub. MamaBear allows you to track your teen’s location, set up boundaries of safe and restricted areas, know how fast they are driving, and monitor their social media messaging.

Grom + MamaBear = :)


We’re excited to share that MamaBear App is now under new ownership!  Grom Social has acquired the company with big plans ahead.  You’ll be hearing from us more with fast response to customer support inquiries, attention on app updates and inclusion of features you’ve requested.

To help us celebrate, we’re giving you 30 days of premium service for FREE with promo code MamaGroms. If you already have a MamaBear account, click here (existing users) to add your free 30 days.  If you closed your account and you’d like to give it another try, register for a new account.

Grom Social is the safe social network created by kids for kids. Launched in 2012 by then 12 year-old Zach Marks, Grom Social is quickly becoming the leading safe social media platform for children worldwide. With more than 3 million users, Grom Social provides a positive, fun, and safe social media environment for children to network, discover original content and play games, all while allowing parents to monitor their activity through the parent portal.

Grom Social and MamaBear’s shared common values of bringing greater awareness of social responsibility and promoting good digital citizenship made this a perfect match.  Our commitment to connecting your family and protecting your children is stronger than ever.  You can stay in touch with us by contacting us at