Fresh Lunch Ideas for a New School Year!

Back to School season is upon us and it might just be the happiest time of year for us parents. Sadly, our kids may not share our enthusiasm!  Why not brighten up your kids’ day by making them one of these fun lunches they are sure to love! 

Taco Pop-Tarts

What is better than a taco? A taco in a pocket, of course! Incorporate these delicious little gems into your kids’ lunch box and they are bound to say olé!


PB&J Sushi

What a cute way to elevate a lunch box standard. Use some crustless flattened bread strips, tortilla strips or even pita strips with your favorite nut butter and jam to create these cuties! 


Waffle Tacos 

Change the game and turn a waffle into a tasty taco.  Send your kid to school with this lunch that will make their classmates jealous! Grab a couple of waffles and add yummy toppings like cheese, pre-cooked meat, avocado smash, bacon, salsa or even fruit and yogurt.


Polka Dot Pizza Dippers

What kid doesn’t love pizza!! These are so easy to make. Simply pop a 4 count can of biscuits, use half a biscuit, top with pepperoni, cheese (or any other toppings you want to add) and bake. Complete this lunch with a small container of tomato sauce for dipping.



Who says pancakes are just for breakfast? Create a lunch using pancakes and fun fillings or dips like yogurt, jelly, nut butter, Nutella, fresh fruit, or even sandwich meat and cheese.  Make this lunch even easier by making a ton of mini pancakes in advance, then freeze and store them in a sealed bag for up to 6 months!