Great Ways to Celebrate Dad on Father’s Day


Father’s Day is June 17th, and it is time to celebrate! For some, that means checking in on parents we haven’t seen for way too long. Or maybe it means teaming up with the kids to show your husband how much you all love him. And – for the lucky dads out there – it is time to kick back and relax!  If you’re not sure how to celebrate, don’t worry: we have got you covered. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Father’s Day.

Ideas to Make Dad’s Day Special!

Go Fish

Set those alarm clocks and load up the tackle boxes. It is time to fish. Chances are dad is into fishing. It’s a fun and affordable way to spend Father’s Day – and a good excuse to get outside. If you’re the dad, think fast! This might be your only chance in a long time to get out to the water! It’s not like they can’t say “no,” right? The best thing about fishing is the atmosphere. There is a lot of quiet time to talk. It is also a great way to some father-child interaction. Dads will get a kick out of spending time fishing with others – whether it’s showing his daughter the basics or watching their grand-kids cast out. To complete the day, swing by your favorite restaurant on the way home and it’s an A+ Father’s Day before nightfall.

Father and Son Fishing

Show Up at a Car Show

Remember all those dream car projects dad had? Well, now he can go and see them in person. The classic cars never go out of style, and the owners at the car shows keep them in great shape. Like fishing, there is not a lot of physical effort involved: making it great for dads of all ages. Let dad indulge in his hobby and just be there to support him. Encourage him to talk with some of the owners – you’ll be surprised by how much two strangers can talk about a car. If you’re the dad, this is a fantastic way to get some leads on restoration or part shopping. Your dream for a ’65 Mustang will come true one day.

Stroll a Classic Car Show

Keep it Simple

They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Make something nice and just have a quiet day. Everyone loves a day off. Let dad watch the game or the race. Go see the new Star Wars Movie, or just go outside and BBQ, play some baseball, toss a football or surf as a family. We all have hectic lives. Any day you can turn off these worries will feel like paradise. Tomorrow will come, but June 17th is Father’s Day.

Fire up the Grill and Enjoy