Worry-free Parenting App Launches


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Mamabear’s Easy-to-Use Platform Simplifies “Digital Parenting”

Austin, Texas—August 14, 2012 – geoWaggle LLC announced today that Mamabear, the worry-free parenting app, is available in public beta.

Mamabear, currently for iOS, is the first app to combine and simplify the key facets of digital parenting—geo-location tracking, social network monitoring, and safe-speed driving.

“What good is parenting technology if it isn’t simple and comprehensive?” asks Steve MacDonald, founder of geoWaggle. “With Mamabear, we’re giving parents an easy-to-use, all-in-one tool for protecting their kids both online and off. It’s a full-time app for the full-time job of parenting.”

Designed for simplicity, Mamabear works in three steps:

1. Mom and Dad download the parent’s version of Mamabear on their smart phones and tablets for complete visibility and control.

2. Kids download the children’s version of Mamabear  on their smart phones – which has only three buttons: Come Get Me, Call for Help, and Call Mama.

3. Parents customize their alert settings to get the precise information they want, including:

  • Where their kids are on a map
  • If their kids leave school early
  • If their kids go somewhere off-limits
  • What their kids are saying online
  • Who their kids are meeting online
  • If their kids are driving too fast
  • If there are any signs of cyber-bullying

Mamabear was conceptualized in the summer of 2011 by geoWaggle CTO Stuart Kime, and the app contains a number of impressive technology advances.

“Two of our biggest breakthroughs were maximizing GPS accuracy and battery life,” says Kime. “Parents need to be as confident as possible in their kids’ locations, and they certainly don’t need to be out hunting for a battery charger.”

“With Mamabear, parents are feeling a lot more comfortable letting their kids roam free, which is critical for children as they grow,” says MacDonald. “And with technology doing the heavy lifting, Mom and Dad can spend more time being parents, and less time being parole officers.”


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