Monitor Your Kids’ Facebook and Instagram

When your children are on Facebook or Instagram, they may be exposed to people and things that they may not be ready to see. Or, they become curious, as children do, and click on something they may not have the maturity level to understand. Using tools that help you monitor your kids’ Facebook and Instagram profiles, gives you real-time knowledge about their social media activity. This saves time and worry and can also create some great conversations between you and your child.

In order to properly monitor your kids’ Facebook, it’s important to know some of Facebook’s basic rules. The number one rule to remember is that no child under 13 should have their own Facebook account. There are ways to bypass this rule, but Facebook complies with COPPA, the child online privacy protection act, by asking for date of birth when creating an account. Once they have a page, many parents will be curious about what they are posting, who their friends are, etc.

The social media monitoring app from MamaBear saves parents time. The app saves parents considerable time by sending alerts when their child makes new friends, is tagged in posts, photos or at locations and it monitors a set of words they parent chooses. This gives parents the opportunity to keep an eye out for inappropriate language or bullying.

MamaBear will soon be adding Instagram to its integration. All the great features of monitoring your child’s Facebook will also be found with Instagram. It will show parents if someone comments on a picture, tags your child in it, or starts to follow your child’s feed.

When monitored properly, allowing your child to be on Facebook or Instagram can be a positive social experience for them. They can grow their friendships, discuss plans or activities, and even get in touch about homework or other schoolwork that may have been missed. But, there are negative people and influences out there, which is why an app like MamaBear fits in perfectly. If you feel monitoring your kids’ Facebook or Instagram is appropriate in today’s digital era, take a look at the MamaBear app.

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